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LWMI has been a supporter of the CALMS Mission and Ministry in Belize and we look forward to furthering our Mission support to future CALMS Missions.


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The tradition of charitable giving is as old as Lutheranism itself.  During the Reformation, Martin Luther called upon people to establish a “common chest” from which food, clothing and other necessities could be distributed to people in need.

We are in unprecedented times with COVID-19.  So many are in need.  We pray for those who are ill and suffering; we pray for all those on the frontline from health care workers to grocery store clerks and everyone in-between.  We pray for the millions who are now without work.  If you would like to make a donation/gift to Lutheran World Missions, Inc. as we work together to help so many need, please send through our Endowment Fund at InFaith Community Foundation.  You will find the link on this webpage.  You can also donate through PayPal, and we accept donations in the mail.  Thank you and God Bless you and your family.

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Lutheran World Missions is passionately devoted to spreading the Gospel through Mission Outreach, Disaster Relief, Mission Development, Charitable Giving and Education. Learn how you can contribute to the future of missions, helping someone in need, and charitable outreach.

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Donations and Gifts make it possible for Lutheran World Missions to expand its outreach and Mission Ministry and reach those in need.  

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Lutheran World Missions, Inc.

Locally, nationally and internationally, Lutheran World Missions shares the message of our Risen Lord and Savior and His gift of Salvation and Grace.  

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LWMI provides Seminarian Support in the Adopt a Student program.